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CHEF FOR A DAY: Cooking Classes at the Villa San Michele


My biggest regret once I turned – dare I say it – 40 was that I didn’t get to live out my dream of traveling to Tuscany and taking some Italian cooking classes. I love to cook but have zero formal training, so I thought it would be a great way for me to finesse my skills. Unfortunately, it just didn’t happen before my deadline of turning 40.

まずどこの料理教室に行けばいいのか迷い、インターネットでさっそく検索。誰か詳しい人に紹介してもらいたいと思っていた矢先、宿泊先のVilla San Micheleがなんと料理教室を行っているということで即決。life-alteringクッキングクラスに参加したよ。

Part of the reason was that I didn’t know where to go to learn to cook. Researching on the Internet, I became confused and wanted a recommendation or the advice of someone I trust as to where to go to have the best experience. Fortunately this summer I just happened to be staying at the Villa San Michele in Fiesole, which offers life-altering cooking classes for novices.

僕は今回、このレッスンでニョッキとティラミスの作り方を教わったんだ。今回のシェフはAttilio Di Fabrizio先生。四人の生徒のクラスだったから、一対一で教えてくれる時間が多くてとてもためになったんだ。

To have the opportunity to be taught Italian classic dishes – in one glorious morning I learnt how to make gnocchi and tiramisu from scratch! – in the magnificent surrounds of the Villa San Michele is a dream come true. The intimacy of having Executive Chef Attilio Di Fabrizio teaching a class of four amateur chefs-in-the-making was amazing. It meant plenty of one-on-one time and allowed all our questions to be answered.


What I wanted from this experience – and what I got! – was to have some authentic secrets from a true Italian chef. I wanted to learn was simple things like what is the correct measure of salt should be when you boil pasta; how long should I reduce a sauce or ragu; hot to make the perfect tomato sauce… Elementary things I could only hear from a real chef, face-to-face.


Meanwhile, as I was cooking, I took step by step photos of the gnocchi cooking experience. Follow these steps and you too can make gnocchi like a local.

フィレンツェを眺めながらのVilla San Micheleの料理教室はとってもいい経験になったよ。なんとCatherine de Mediciのシークレット料理本のレシピのコースもあるみたいだから、是非下のリンクからチェックしてほしいな。

The Villa San Michele offers daily cooking classes throughout the summer in their kitchens overlooking Florence. There’s even a new cooking course which teaches the Classic Tuscan recipes from Catherine de Medici’s Secret Cookbook. Check out the website here for details.


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