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Villa San Michele: A Room With A View

僕のお気に入りの映画 “A Room With A View”を見たことがあるかな? 毎週末見ていたこの映画のみどころは何と言ってもファッション。とてもロマンティックな舞台はフィレンツェ。 そんなお気に入りの映画のロケーションにもなってるフィレンツェは僕にとってはとってもスペシャルな街なんだ。

The movie A Room With A View would have to be my favourite film of all time – I grew up watching it every single weekend on VHS, in love with the Edwardian fashion, the complicated romance and of course the setting in fabulous Florence. Florence therefore has a special place in my heart.

毎回訪れるたびに新しい発見がある街。今回は素敵なBoboliガーデンで毎朝過ごしたり、Richard Ginoriの花瓶で散財してしまったり、なんとイタリア料理のレッスンまで受けてきたよ。でも今回の一番の思い出は宿泊先のVilla San Micheleだね。

Each time I revisit the city, I discover new wonders. This time I spent a morning wandering the spectacular Boboli gardens, overspent on ornate porcelain from Richard Ginori, and had delicious Italian cooking lessons. But the most amazing thing about my trip was where I stayed: the glorious Villa San Michele.


Set atop a hill overlooking Florence in the picturesque Fiesole region (it’s a quick 20 minutes to downtown Florence by taxi), this 15th Century Monastery whose façade is attributed to Michelangelo is pure magic. The lobby is set inside a chapel, and I guess you could say staying here is a religious experience.


With its luxurious rooms inside the Monastery or garden villas cascading down the mountain terrace, it’s understated glamour and one of the most magnificent places you could ever visit. Kim Kardashian loves the place so much she stayed her during her wedding to Kanye in nearby Tuscany.

Arnoの丘からフィレンツェが一望できる僕の部屋は正直部屋にいるだけでフィレンツェを満喫できる旅となった。バラやジャスミンが壁一面に広がる修道院や、15世紀にフランシスコの修道士によって作られた庭に位置するプール。トスカーナに続く木の丘などもとても素敵だった。朝には霧がかかったバラたちはとてもGameof Thronesを思い出させるね。

With views over the Arno valley and all the way to Florence, it was virtually impossible to leave my room. Roses, jasmine and creeping wisteria covered the walls of the monastery, and a pool situated at the top of the property has views over the 15th century gardens that were tended by Franciscan monks, the wooded hills and into Tuscany. And in the mornings when the mists rose, it was like something out of Game of Thrones.


And although it was probably the most luxe boutique hotel I’ve ever stayed in, it was the service – friendly, efficient and filled with heart- that really sets this property apart. I was allowed to feel, for a few days at least, as though I was at home, living in this magical place. My couple of days in Florence became the trip of a lifetime, and the realisation of a lifelong dream of a room in Florence with a view… 


jason lee coates
director H3O fashion bureau, creative director

東京ベースのスタイリスト(AVGVST所属)、エディター、H3O Fashion Bureauのディレクター。日本在住9年目、オーストラリア出身。ファッションに対するアプローチは、世界に存在するユニークなファッションブランドを日本に広めて行く事。あらゆる角度からインスピレーションを得、スタイリストとして新鮮なエディトリアルを作って行く事も目標。大のシューズファン。

TOKYO クリエイティブディレクター director H3O fashion bureau creative director


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