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Iheartokyo’s Night Fever

IH KIMI Layout
Iheartokyo is one of Japan’s most unique online sites. Its truly independant vision has always been about championing the new, cool and hip – but now Iheartokyo takes it one step further. Iheartokyo is more than a fabulous shopping site – it’s a web magazine with insightful stories on artists, writers and even executes its own exclusive editorial photoshoots by talented artists and visionaries.
 IH KIMI Layout
In the first of a continuing series comes an editorial shoot featuring the photography work of American artist Jeffrey Baum. Shot in Shibuya, it displays the energy of Tokyo at night, as seen through his lens, with rainbow flares that express the core values of IheartokyoIheartokyo hugs Diversity; Breathes Modernity; Kisses the Future.
 IH KIMI Layout
What’s more, the clothes used exclusively in the shoot from cult brands such as Melissa shoes, Pony Stone denim and Molliolli eco fur will be available online as a “See Now Buy Now” experience from 24 October. Iheartokyo fans should log on to www.iheartokyo.com on this date to share the love.
また、今回の撮影で登場するブランド、MELISSA、PONY STONE、MOLLIOLLIなどの新アイテムはIheartokyoで提供しており、10月24日からご購入できます。
IH KIMI LayoutIH KIMI LayoutIH KIMI Layout
All clothes by Pony Stone, Molliolli and Melissa, featured on www.iheartokyo.com



jason lee coates
director H3O fashion bureau, creative director iheartokyo.com

東京ベースのスタイリスト(AVGVST所属)、エディター、H3O Fashion Bureauのディレクター。日本在住9年目、オーストラリア出身。ファッションに対するアプローチは、世界に存在するユニークなファッションブランドを日本に広めて行く事。あらゆる角度からインスピレーションを得、スタイリストとして新鮮なエディトリアルを作って行く事も目標。大のシューズファン。

TOKYO クリエイティブディレクター director H3O fashion bureau creative director iheartokyo.com


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