Maya Kibbel


1. I heard you recently visited Japan, what was the best experience you had here?

My favorite thing to do on my world travels is to put new things in my mouth. On this trip, i did just that with some horse meat and some gentlemen.

2. How was it working with American Apparel? Would you consider doing more fashion collaborations?

Working with American Apparel felt incredibly legitimizing and I would do it again in a second. I love modeling and they didn’t even make me wear panties for most of my photo shoot.

3. As an extremely multi-talented person, what kind of work (acting, singing, etc.) specifically enthralls you most?

I like making people laugh. I also like to make people fart but I haven’t been able to grasp how to make others do that on command yet.

4. You call yourself a “whorespondent”, can you explain to us specifically what that means to you?

A “whorespondent” is an individual who reports information in a whorish fashion.

5. What made you get into drag?

My favorite color is fringe and I love shiny things. Doing drag was kinda always in the cards for me.

6. What’s your favorite part of the drag queen life?

My favorite part about doing drag are all the perks and freebies. I haven’t paid for alcohol since 2011 and my favorite makeup brand, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, made me a spokesmodel for their line in Sephora so I get free stuff there, too.

7. What’s the wildest thing that has happened to you as a drag queen?

I got into an overhead bin on a Virgin American flight and surprised a flight attendant in drag. They said some contents would shift during flight and that I should get down.

8. Favorite sex position?

Reverse Vegan Cowboy.

9. What do you consider to be the perfect length cock?

The length of a substantial flaccid cock should be no shorter than the heel of my Louboutin- so 4-5.25 inches)

10. Lastly, you have loads of iconic, straight-to-it quotes. Could you leave us readers with some final words?

Complaining is draining. Just suck it.


maya kibbel
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